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Friday, October 2, 2015

Today's Line - No Harm No Foul...I Guess

Last night's push was the most frustrating push I have been a part of in a long time. The Steelers somehow blew the game despite having the ball with less than two minutes left in the ball game.

How does this happen?

One play tonight involving a parlay with the money line on Memphis. I saw Memphis play Cincinnati last week and was really impressed with their QB Paxton Lynch. He's tall and a good runner. I see Memphis winning this one based on his play.

Houston just might go undefeated, they can certainly go undefeated in the East, and this will be their first step. They have a lot of firepower and are a tough team. I like them to win on Saturday.


Record Since Inception 9/26/13:

2125-1927 (52.4%)


At 9/14/15: $13.54
At 9/27/15: $11.80
Growth: -13%

Goal: $14.89
Amount Needed: $3.09

Last Week2624652.0%-$1.15
Last Month1201101252.2%-$0.59
Last 90 Days2692411552.8%-$1.4
Last Year111111105650.0%-$37.18

10-03-15CFB2 Team Parlay: (-148) view picks$0.75$0.50pending
10-02-15CFBParlay Pick 1: MONEYLINE: Tigers -339  pending
10-03-15CFBParlay Pick 2: MONEYLINE: Cougars -270  pending

Good Luck All!
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