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Reach Final 4 - Kansas +140
Reach Final 4 - Gonzaga +180
Reach Final 4 - Virginia +650
Reach Final 4 - Tennessee +1100
Reach Final 4 - Kansas State +2000
College Player of the Year - Zion Williamson -160

Central Division - Indiana Pacers +132
Western Conference - Houston Rockets +675
Eastern Conference - Boston Celtics -113
Eastern Conference - Philadelphia 76ers +380
Northwest Division - Denver Nuggets +200
Win NBA Championship - Warriors -160

NBA Most Valuable Player - Anthony Davis +400
NBA Most Valuable Player - Giannis Antetokounmpo +475

Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Jalen Hurts +650
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Tua Tagovailoa +500
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Trevor Lawrence +350

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Today's Line - No One Wins in a Hurry

5-2 with a profit of $0.43 makes for a decent night. I'm particularly proud of my 76ers pick going against my own system knowing that the 76ers are a different team when Embiid is on the court. However I went against my system and took the Cavs and lost. This was more of a fade of the Warriors then a play on the Cavs but it's still really tough betting against LeBron. My other loss was on the Pacers as they could not hit any free throws late to salt the game away.

Speaking of my my NBA system; it went 6-3 last night and is now 131-123 since December 9th. I'm not quite there yet and I don't think it's going to hit over 53% like my NFL system has but at least it let's me navigate the NBA market giving me a snapshot of each teams strengths and weaknesses.

Three takes...

Sunday's NFL playoff games saved the NFL from a ratings standpoint. Wildcard weekend was anything but wild but the Green Bay Dallas game was an instant classic and flexing the Steelers Chiefs game to prime time was brilliant. Guess what wasn't brilliant... Brown posting that don't poke a sleeping bear.

Lebron got fouled but he sold it as a flagrant 1. Any player would do the same, so haters need to stop. The issue is that the Cavs never got off the bus. Last's nights effort was unacceptable. Cleveland had to have known the Warriors were going to get up for this game and treat it liek a playoff game.The Cavs didn't match their intensity. I know it's January and this game doesn't mean squat but still let's see some more effort next time. I'm definitely on the Cavs next time they play as long as Love is playing.

If the Redskins hire Rob Ryan as their DC they have officially lost their dam minds. This guy is the worst DC in the league...which is proven by his teams stats.

...and I'm out.


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

3449-3152 (52.2%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80 (link)

Yesterday: $7.92
Today: $8.35
Since Inception: $0.55
Growth: 7%

Last Week4732059.5%
Last Month155152250.5%
Last 90 Days3663641650.1%
Last Year10749667652.7%

01-17-17CBBATS: Rebels +2.5 (-110)$0.11$0.10pending

01-17-17CBBATS: Badgers -10 (-120) b0.5$0.12$0.10pending

01-17-17NBAATS: Spurs -11.5 (-115)$0.18$0.15pending

01-17-17NBAATS: Raptors -11.5 (-110)$0.22$0.20pending

01-17-17NBAATS 1st ½: Rockets -4 (-115)$0.18$0.15pending

01-17-17CBBATS: Boilermakers -12 (-110)$0.22$0.20pending

01-17-17CBBATS: Wildcats -13 (-110)$0.22$0.20pending

Good Luck All!

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