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Monday, November 6, 2017

Today's Line - Good...But a Long Way to Go

6-2 yesterday but if the Titans and the Raiders would have played defense in the last few minutes of their games I'd be 8-2.

One thing I have learned from last year is that when I hear that the "sharps" are on the other side as me not to worry about it and god forbid change my pick. I trust myself a lot more and I trust my data and hard work and if I'm wrong then at least I have an argument verses a feeling.

I'm laying off the Monday night game because of the QB situation in Green Bay. I do have some ice picks though.


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

4191-3792 (52.5%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80

Yesterday: $1.94
Today: $2.59
Since Inception: -$5.21
Growth: -67%

Last Week2423251.1%
Last Month1181061152.7%
Last 90 Days2142012951.6%
Last Year10689858752.0%

11-06-17NHLMONEYLINE: Canucks -156$0.32$0.20

11-06-17NHLMONEYLINE: Stars -142$0.29$0.20

11-06-17NHLMONEYLINE: Blue Jackets -112$0.12$0.10

11-06-17NHLMONEYLINE: Bruins -106$0.11$0.10

Good Luck All!
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