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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Today's Line - Learn From It

10-5 yesterday with a profit of $0.48. I was very lucky not to place any bets on the MMA fights (3-6) last night however I killed it in hockey (8-2) and I didn't have any bets on the ice either so I guess it all worked out.

What I learned last night is the same lesson I've learned many times over which is when a team comes off an emotional win or loss you need to fade them the next week. Penn St and Ohio St were perfect examples of this.

Today I'm putting my NFL system to the test and playing every game.


Record Since Inception:
September 26, 2013:

4185-3790 (52.5%)

Beginning Balance: $7.80

Yesterday: $1.51
Today: $1.94
Since Inception: -$5.86
Growth: -75%

Last Week2031039.2%
Last Month113105951.8%
Last 90 Days2031962750.9%
Last Year10619868551.8%

11-05-17NFLATS: Raiders -3 (-120)$0.24$0.20

11-05-17NFLATS: Chiefs +3 (-130) b0.5$0.18$0.13

11-05-17NFLATS: Redskins +8 (-105)$0.18$0.17

11-05-17NFLATS: 49ers +3 (-135) b0.5$0.18$0.13

11-05-17NFLATS: Titans -3 (-130) b0.5$0.18$0.13

11-05-17NFLATS: Panthers +3 (-135) b0.5$0.18$0.13

11-05-17NFLATS: Jaguars -6.5 (-105)$0.18$0.17

11-05-17NFLATS: Rams -5.5 (-115)$0.22$0.19

11-05-17NFLATS: Eagles -7 (-115)$0.18$0.15

11-05-17NFLATS: Saints -7 (-110)$0.22$0.20

Good Luck All!
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