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Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Jalen Hurts +650
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Tua Tagovailoa +500
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Trevor Lawrence +350
Win 2019 Heisman Trophy - Joe Burrow +375

Alabama 11 wins OVER (7-0)
Baylor 7 wins OVER (9-0) WINNER!
Florida 9 wins OVER (8-2)
Georgia 10.5 wins OVER (9-1)
Illinois 3.5 wins OVER (6-4) WINNER!
LSU 8.5 wins OVER (8-0)
Michigan 9.5 wins OVER (7-2)
Notre Dame 9.5 wins OVER (7-2)
Ohio St 10 wins OVER (9-0)
Nebraska 8 wins OVER (4-5)
Oregon 8.5 wins OVER (8-1)
Sparty 7 wins OVER (4-5)
Utah 8.5 wins OVER (8-1)


Reach AFC Conference Final - Kansas City Chiefs +160
Reach AFC Conference Final - Jacksonville Jaguars +625
Reach NFC Conference Final - New Orleans Saints +215
Reach NFC Conference Final - Chicago Bears +365

Cleveland Browns win AFC North +120
Jacksonville Jaguars win AFC South +350
Los Angeles Chargers win AFC West +280
Philadelphia Eagles win NFC East +105
Chicago Bears win NFC North +175
Carolina Panthers win NFC South +775
Seattle Seahawks win NFC West +280

CHI regular season wins over 9½ +105 (4-5)
CLE regular season wins over 9 -130 (3-6)
DAL regular season wins over 8½ -130 (5-4)
GB regular season wins over 9½ +105 (8-2)
JAX regular season wins over 8 -115 (4-5)
KC regular season wins over 10½ -115 (6-4)
LAR regular season wins over 10½ -105 (5-4)
NOR regular season wins over 10½ +105 (7-2)
PIT regular season wins under 8½ +120 (5-4)
SEA regular season wins over 8½ -115 (7-2)

New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl +975 (7-2)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Today's Line - Downhill in a Hurry

That's what it's been like the last two weeks. The nice cushion of units I built up on CapperTek the last couple of months have evaporated thanks mainly to Clemson but also a string of loses on the hardwood as well.

This week I've limited myself to what I think is my best pick of the night in CBB but clearly I was wrong last night. Tonight I tried to play it safe again.

The NBA was not kind to me last night as multiple teams did not play to their potential and a really gross ending to the Atlanta Phoenix game which resulted in a new Slim Shady

Dennis Schroder had the ball with 1 second left down by 3 and instead of taking a three to tie he made a layup killing the cover for me and all the Phoenix backers. #Shady

Tonight I'm taking the Kentucky Wildcats on the ML to win at LSU. I just can't imagine with that talent they could screw this up.

In the NBA I'm going conservative and playing only a half a unit on most of my picks mainly to get the units risked down and also believe it or not I'm not feeling too confident in my system right now and I want to limit the damage.

The New York Knicks (+9) are getting a good amount of points traveling to Washington. I know they have point guard issues and that was evident last night playing the Spurs but I'm not so sure the Wizards will be able to exploit it the way the Spurs did. Also the Knicks have the advantage in the front court so yes Wall and Beal will hurt them on the perimeter but if they can keep them from driving and scoring in the paint they should cover.

Miami Heat (-2) is hosting the Pistons and this game is probably a toss up but what I really like about this game is the under at (197) the fact that this is the lowest total on the board tells me, and this is obvious, that each possession will be critical. Since Miami leads the Pistons in turnovers and offensive rebounds I like them to win a close one.

Minnesota (-6.5) is traveling to Brooklyn and even though I love teams like Brooklyn that play hard and cover I can't get over the fact that the Timberwolves lead the Nets in almost all the categories I follow and I have to trust the system.

Milwaukee (-7.5) is hosting the Pacers without Oladipo which is the engine for the Pacers. Let the Greek Freak Free!

I'm not crazy about backing the Bulls (+5) I don't think anyone would be but like the Timberwolves I have to trust the system as Chicago is a little bit better on paper getting points at home.

Boston (-3) is hosting the Cavs without IT. Not sure why IT didn't decide to play in this game maybe it would be too much of a distraction but I like Boston here to avenge the early season loss to basically the same team. This is not a system play; I just have a feeling that emotion will trump stats.

Love Golden State (-7.5) here. Curry is back and I don't think the market has caught up to him just after one game. Dallas isn't going to know what hit them. My system says to play the under as well (220).

Phoenix getting (+11.5) from Denver is ridiculous. I feel this is way too many points for a team that can score in bunches. It's not going to be easy and they will probably trail most of the game but we are talking about double digits here.

The Pelicans (+1.5) are the hardest team to figure out in the NBA. They have SO much talent but just can't seem to put it altogether for a string of games. They should dominate inside against a soft Utah front line and win this one going away.

Finally we have the Thunder (-5.5) at full strength against a banged up Laker team without Ball. Not that BBB is a huge difference maker he is still their starting PG...and I have to believe PG13 is going to put a little extra hot sauce in his game tonight playing in his home town and for a team he wants to sign with next year.

Good Luck All!

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