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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, Monday, Monday

Hi sports fans are you ready to start the week off with a win? I know the Giants are and that's who I'm picking tonight. The GEEE-MEN get their first win of the season. As someone wise said to me last night. The Giants are not a 0-6 team. I think so as well and the Vikings are, despite their win in London against a depleted Steeler team.

I don't like giving 3.5 so I'm parlaying them with the Kings in the NHL:

2 team parlay: (+107)
LA Kings to win
Giants to win

As always my record to date:

Last Week2117055.3%$1.33
Last Month5749053.8%-$4.74
Last 90 Days6259051.2%-$13.85
Last Year4103721452.4%-$27.46
After a not so great weekend I'm still in the 50's but have a lot of work to do.

First thing I need to figure out is why I'm doing so terrible in the NFL. If you look at the breakdown in the three major sports I've been betting in the last 90 days you can clearly see that I'm getting killed in the NFL


Last Week55050.0%$0.461372
Last Month2117055.3%$0.703243
Last 90 Days2523052.1%-$4.1016331

Last Week83072.7%$1.74332
Last Month1411056.0%-$0.554312
Last 90 Days1411056.0%-$0.554312

Last Week57041.7%-$1.528012
Last Month1718048.6%-$5.8015828
Last 90 Days1822045.0%-$10.1122241
I'm actually pretty annoyed at this since I'm such a fan, follower, and fantasy player of the game. I mean I study the NFL more than any other sport, and I think that is the issue. I'm not able to see the forest for the trees. I'm suffering from information overload, over-thinking everything. No Mas!

From here on out I'm going to listen to my gut a little more and ease off the stats. Tonight is a good example of that. After I saw what the Giants did on Thursday I just "knew: they would win tonight without even knowing who they were playing. In fact I think I even said that in last Friday's post. Let's see what happens...

Good luck all!

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